GBX Gravel Box

Standard GBX Gravel Box

Burchland manufactures high quality gravel boxes, durably built to handle the wear and tear of heavy equipment on construction sites. Unlike some bedding boxes available for sale, our heavy duty Gravel Boxes will add efficiency to your job site and are built to last. Burchland's bedding material containers are real stone savers, helping to reduce waste and increase speed on the job site.

Gravel Box Features:

The floors and ends of our rock boxes are built with a ½” plate. Tear strips placed on the floor of the bedding box increase strength and help to prevent wear. The formed wear strips located on the bottom of the dump box help prevent plowing while also adding strength and durability. The sides of the Gravel Box are made from a 3/8” plate and the heavy wall 3” x 4” tubing on the sides and ends prevents flexing and punctures.

Durable Rock Boxes purpleDurable purple Gravel Boxes, perfect for construction sites
  Wear Bars                                                     Inside Wear Bars

The grabber tube is an 8” sch. 80 pipe. Gussets run the entire length of the grabber arm for extra strength. Heavy duty lift points come standard and make an excellent tie down point for transport.

Burchland Custom Size Gravel BoxesBurchland Gravel Box

  Pull Bar                                                           Gusset

Standard Gravel Box sizes are listed below, but keep in mind, Burchland can build any custom rock box to fit your exact specifications. Extra wide gravel boxes are a common upgrade. Please contact us for custom sizes or features.

GBX-5 5 36 63.25 116.25 4850
GBX-7 7 48 63.25 143.25 6175
GBX-9 9 48 63.25 164.25 6675
GBX-12 12 48 75.25 183.25 7850
GBX-18 18 60 87.25 201.25 9350