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Burchland Manufacturing prides itself in engineering, designing and building the highest quality agriculture, erosion control and construction equipment. Our talented team can also design and manufacture customized, high quality equipment to find the best solution for you. We create and sell Drive Over Hoppers, Corn Detasseling Head Trailers, Silt Fence Installers, Auto Grading Soil Trimmers, Gravel Boxes and much more!

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Prevent Erosion by Controlling Your Productivity

To be helpful and efficient in erosion prevention, Burchland manufactures and sells a complete line of erosion and sediment control products. We are proud of the fact that we design, engineer and manufacture quality equipment that users designate as productivity tools.

At Burchland Manufacturing, we strive to deliver efficient solutions to the erosion and sediment control industry and provide it with equipment for applications that make the workday easier, more productive and profitable.

Browse all of our sediment and erosion control products below. If you need a more customized solution, we can still help! Make custom requests by contacting us for more information..

Our Business is Efficiently Concrete

Burchland Manufacturing has a full line of equipment aimed at meeting the needs of the construction and concrete industry. With projects becoming more and more complex, and deadlines more strict, we want to make your job as a contractors easier. Our solutions streamline workflow, improve efficiency and lessen manual effort.

Browse our featured construction products below and contact us for more information if you need customized equipment or have any questions.

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Find Your Equipment In Our Field Of Manufacturing

Find your next agricultural equipment at Burchland Manufacturing where we engineer, design and build success. We produce standard farm equipment products including the GSX Drive Over Hopper, Hagie Detassling Head Trailer and Nitro Head Trailers and Seed Treat Stands for seed dealers.

In our field, we can customize equipment so your fields get the treatment they need. If you need something created to better suit your needs, Burchland Manufacturing can design and manufacture it for you. For example, we have created custom variants of GSX Series Drive Over Pits and Grain Shuttles.

Browse our agriculture equipment products below, or contact us for more information.

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