XTS-DR Double Row Fabric Weed Barrier Installer

Install Landscape and Weed Barrier Fabric with Ease!

There are many weed barrier equipment options available on the market today; however, none are as efficient as the the Burchland XTS-DR Double Row Weed Barrier Installer. Our solution for weed control is designed to install two rows of weed barrier fabric simultaneously, allowing for maximum efficiency during weed barrier installation.

Protect Raspberry & Blueberry Plants from Weeds!

The XTS-DR installs two rows of barrier at the same time, making it ideal for producers who grow various types of berry plants, such as blueberry and raspberry plants, as well as other permanent crops.
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Double Row Weed Barrier installs weed control fabric with ease

Double Row Weed Barrier Installer in grass

Install Weed Barrier Cloth with the Burchland Weed Barrier Installer

Control Weeds with Burchland’s Double Row Weed Barrier Installer