Corn Detasseling Head Trailer

The Burchland Corn Detasseling Head Trailer is designed for storage and transport of Hagie corn detasseling heads. This head trailer replaces cumbersome stands and is ideal for operators of Hagie combo units with more than one attachment. The Corn Detasseler Head Trailer provides a big advantage over stands by adding the ability to move the head after it is mounted on the trailer. With a Hagie Corn Detasseler Head Trailer, the head can be removed from the machine anywhere. Once the head is on the Detasseler Head Trailer it can easily be transported down the road or moved into a shed for storage. When storing on stands, the head cannot be moved without hooking the Hagie equipment unit back up to it.

Hagie compatible Corn Detasseling Head TrailerHagie compatible Corn Detasseling Head Trailer attached to pickup truck

All four corners of the Hagie Detasseler Head Trailer are fully adjustable to make mounting easy. Each boom mount cradle can be moved in, out, up and down by loosening set screw handles. The Detasseler Head Trailer come standard with a torsion axle, led lights, tongue jack and powder coat finish.

 Hagie Detasseler Head Trailer Hagie Detasseler Head Trailer detail of the wheels

Custom trailers are available for special applications. Please give us a call at 641-498-2063.