Erosion and Sediment Control Equipment

Burchland manufactures erosion control products which can be very helpful and efficient in erosion prevention. We sell a complete line of erosion and sediment control products.

Burchland is proud of the fact that we design, engineer, and manufacture quality equipment that users designate as productivity tools. We strive to provide erosion and sediment control equipment for applications that make the workday easier, more productive, and profitable. Burchland delivers efficient solutions to the erosion and sediment control industry.

Browse all of our Sediment and erosion control products below. Need a more customized solution? We can still help! Make custom requests by calling us at 641-498-2063.

Silt Fence Installer

Silt Fence Installer

Burchland’s Silt Fence Plow is precision engineered, ruggedly built and ultra-dependable, providing greater value than using a trencher or hand digging.

View Burchland’s Silt Fence Installer

Material Roller

Material Roller

Burchland’s Material Roller saves hundreds of hours installing erosion control blankets and matting of all types.

View Burchland’s EZR Material Roller

SCX Straw Crimper

Straw Crimper

Burchland’s SCX Straw Crimper ensures quality installation of straw mulch to ensure it stays in place while keeping your soil undisturbed.

View Burchland’s SCX Straw Crimper