BR2 Blanket Roller

Quick Installation of Erosion Control & Soil Stabilization Fabric

The Burchland Mfg. Blanket Roller2 is an erosion control productivity tool that can save hundreds of hours installing erosion control blankets and matting of all types. It can also be used for other rolled materials such as non-woven geotextiles, straw blankets, and geo-grids.

Burchland Blanket RollerBlanket roller in action

This labor saving erosion control device can cut your man hours and double your productivity at the same time. 

Laying down fabric with ease

Tractor Operated Hydraulic Grapple Arm

Hydraulic Grapple Arm

The hydraulic grapple arm on this unit is operated from the seat of the tractor.  The tractor operator is able to back up to a roll of material and load it without the need for additional labor. This saves labor time and money.

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