AGT Auto Grading Soil Trimmer

Trim, Grade & Roll All in One Pass!

The Burchland AGT, Auto Grading Trimmer, is a skid steer mounted trimmer, designed for site work and concrete contractors looking for a perfectly graded job site.  This skid steer trimmer was conceived by site work contractors and designed for heavy duty construction work. 

The Burchland AGT soil skid steer attachment is ideal for trimming sub-grade soil under building pads, parking lots, curb and gutter, sidewalks, trails and roads.  The AGT will fit on jobs where a large road trimmer would not be practical.  The versatile skid steer trimmer works well on job sites with varying grades and slopes like a parking lot with multiple drainage areas and islands.  

AGT Auto Grading Trimmer Brochure

Site work contractors asked for this trimmer because it is difficult to get a perfect finished grade with a GPS equipped dozer.  Without a trimmer the contractors over-cut with the dozer to account for the rough finish and to make sure that they meet the minimum thickness of rock sub-base required for the paving job.  This requires extra dozer time and extra gravel or sub-base.  With the Burchland Skid Steer Trimmer, on-the-job site contractors spend less time in the dozer, and cut to roughly one-tenth of a foot higher than the designed finished sub-grade.  Then, the AGT Skid Steer Trimmer trims the sub-grade soil to the correct elevation with up to sub-centimeter accuracy.  Now they have a smooth finished sub-grade at the designed elevation and can add the gravel sub-base.  The AGT Skid Steer Trimmer can be used again to trim the gravel sub-base to the designed elevation.  With this method, contractors use close to the exact designed quantities for gravel and concrete.  This saves time and material costs on every job.  Bidding jobs becomes easier when you are sure about the quantities that you will be using.

Burchland AGT Skid steer equipmentSkid steer equipment - Construction equipmentSkid steer equipment side detail.

Skid Steer Trimmer Features – Heavy Duty Construction Equipment

The Burchland AGT is used with an automatic control system that will follow a 3D CAD designed surface within sub-centimeter accuracy.  A 3D CAD surface file is uploaded to the machine controls and the skid steer trimmer will follow that surface grade precisely.  Depending on the machine controls used, the skid steer trimmer can follow Robotic Total Station, GPS, or laser signals.  The trimmer can also be operated in manual mode.

Construction equipment - Skid steer equipment

Skid Steer Trimmer Equipment Operation Details

The heart of the Burchland Skid Steer Trimmer is the 16 inch OD trimmer rotor that cuts an 8 foot wide path.   The rotor is built with replaceable, carbide tipped cutting teeth and ½ inch thick flighting that windrows the trimmed material to one side.  The trimmer head is turned by a direct drive, large displacement hydraulic motor.  This design is simple and rugged, with no gearboxes or chain drives to maintain.  Behind the trimmer rotor is a grader blade edge that helps windrow material and provide a smooth finish.  The rotor and grader blade are moved up and down with two hydraulic cylinders to precisely follow the designed 3d surface elevation.  The trimmer rotor and grader blade are also angled 5 degrees from the direction of travel.  This angle helps windrow the trimmed material.  Another important feature of the AGT skid steer trimmer is the 16 inch diameter smooth drum roller.  This roller rides on the trimmed finish grade and smooths out any imperfections.  The roller can also support the weight of the skid steer and smooth out the trimming operation.  With the roller riding on the finished grade, the trimming operation is isolated from movement of the skid steer and skid steer loader arm.  This helps the skid steer trimmer achieve a precise finish grade.

Skid steer trimmer rotor at work detailed from the centerSkid steer trimmer rotor at work detailed from the leftSkid steer trimmer rotor at work detailed from the right

The Burchland AGT requires a high flow skid steer for the best performance.  A separate case drain line is also required.  Consult your skid steer dealer if your skid steer does not have a factory installed auxiliary case drain line. 

Please call Burchland Mfg. at 641-498-2063 with any questions.