The LGX Burchland Laser Grader

Posted on: November 9th, 2021

The LGX Burchland Laser Grader is a first of its kind in the skid steer grading market. This is not your everyday box blade or skid steer grader attachment. This innovative attachment can be configured in many different ways and all from the operator’s seat.

The versatile precision grading attachment has the capability to be controlled by: Laser, GPS, Total station, and Sonic tracer. The versatility in the control system allows the owner to purchase any of the major brand machine controls and have it performed with great precision. The unique rear-mounted support roller on this attachment allows the blade to be supported between the skid steer and the cut, creating a smoother grade. This system allows the operator to push fill into corners and changes in elevation, all while maintaining a precise grade. This saves time and labor by not having to manually fill corners by hand.

Standard Features:

  • Universal skid steer mount
  • Laster, GPS, and Total Station Sonic tracer and string line capable
  • Available in 7’, 7’6”, and 8’ blade width
  • Mid-mounted stabilizing roller
  • Operates in auto or manual mode
  • 25-degree hydraulic blade rotation in each direction
  • 270-degree hydraulic wing rotation

The LGX Burchland Laser Grader is a highly durable grader/box blade that delivers a precise grade on many different styles or job sites. This grader is found prepping subgrade for parking lots, streets, highways, athletic fields, driveways, and any other job that requires a precise grade. This hybrid grader allows the operator to independently and hydraulically rotate the end plates 270 degrees, from folded directly behind the blade to all the way straight forward transforming the grader blade into a box blade.

The LGX Burchland Laster Grader remains a reliable attachment for finishing grading. With that in mind, you will achieve a flatter, more consistent grade while accelerating your grading projects. The grader/box blade is one of the highest performing grading systems available for skid loaders allowing maximum production. The unique design will give the operator exceptional control of the grade and the multiple configurations available with the attachment.

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