AGT Auto Grading Soil Trimmer

Posted on: October 8th, 2021

Trim, Grade and Roll all in One Pass

The Burchland Auto Grading Trimmer is a skid steer mounted trimmer designed for site work and concrete contractors looking for a perfectly graded job site.

A Superior Grading Solution

The Burchland AGT soil skid steer attachment is ideal for trimming sub-grade soil under building pads, parking lots, curbs and gutters, sidewalks, trails, and roads. The AGT works well on job sites where a large road trimmer would not be practical. The versatility of the AGT Soil Skid Steer Trimmer allows it to easily handle job sites with varying grades and slopes like a parking lot with multiple drainage areas and islands.

The AGT features an innovative automatic control system that follows a 3-D CAD-designed surface, within sub-centimeter accuracy. Once a 3-D CAD surface file is uploaded to the machine controls, the skid steer trimmer follows the surface grade precisely. The AGT can be outfitted with string line controls, single and dual slope laser controls, as well as all forms of 3-D surface grading systems, including Robotic Total Station. Trimmer can also be operated in manual mode.

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